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A session in the chamber or at a distance with a photo lasts 30 minutes. 
For our furry friends, the session is done at a distance, using your photo in the chamber, whilst your pet is right beside you.
One session: 40€
Six sessions: 200 €

Payment is possible by bank transfer, Paypal, cheque or cash.


Six sessions are sufficient for a good work. It is possible to do more sessions for an in-depth work.


A session at a distance takes place in the following way: 
You send us a recent, full length photo of yourself, your full name and date of birth by email. 

Together we organize a time and date, we then print your photo and add the information. This is placed under the pyramid in the Tachyon chamber for your 30 minute time slot. 
During the session it is recommended that you are lying down, in a dark, quiet place with no electronic equipment or mobile phone. You just relax, open up and think of nothing in particular. 

The feedback about the distance sessions is as positive as for the chamber itself. 
Sessions at a distance allow people who are sick, who could possibly contaminate the chamber if they came, to benefit from the positive effects. 


Drink a lot of water after the session. 


adresse chambre à tachyon

The room is located 70 km from Cholet, 60 km from Tours and Angers, Loches, Poitiers, around 100 km from Le Mans, Blois and Vendôme, Châteauroux, Niort, La Roche sur Yon.You'll find a map of our rooms on the Tachyons Occitanie website.